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You say feminism. I say BS!

According to Rob Thomas, the show we were watching was a show about a feminist, but I find that hard to believe given all that has happened to the female characters on the show.

Lilly = bad girl, sexually promiscuous = murdered
Meg = sleeps with 1 boy = died/murdered
Mac = plans to sleep with Cassidy = traumatized
Madison = sexually promiscuous = nearly roofied, villified as being a slut
Veronica = roofied, notRaped!, raped, assaulted, head shaved, assaulted again, and
had a sex tape made and broadcast over the internet for all to see.

Becky (Betsy, whatever) = sexually promiscuous = given RU-486 to abort her child
Parker = sexually promiscuous = raped, head saved

There are numerous other examples from the NaziFeminists to the Frat boys.

What I can't understand is how a show that asks us to believe it is an example of feminist power can possibly have every female character, except Jane and Jackie,  be assaulted sexually?
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